Combined activities

Since you have red our page up to here, you must be an outdoor adventurer… so, our combined activities at sea may be of your interest!

Proti isle beach

Then, you can go sailing to the open sea and later, enter the bay of Voidokilia where you can swim in turquoise waters before climbing up to a scenic cave and a medieval castle right above it!

Grilling fresh tuna off Ithaca

If you are in a big company with a lot of friends you can even program a racing venue. Your own regatta with your own racing plan and of course a combination of all the above.

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Whatever your choice,  you are going to have one eventfull day that you’ll remember for years to come!

Note: All sea activities include light meals and drinks aboard.  These include local delicacies and wines. We have also designed for you various options that you can choose from!  These vary from extremely fresh fish (caught on the spot), to shrimp spaghetti.  On top of this why not help with your ideas in the making of it!


Our combined action is a proposition you cannot miss. Why not go island trekking for a few hours or a whole day?

Get on a sailing yacht and cruise to the isle of Proti,  walk along the top of the island, enjoy the thrilling view from both sides, and finally  discent to a crystal clear water gulf and go snorkeling in a cave!  



dolphin playing

dolphins playing

Alternatively you can get to Methoni, visit the well maintained castle, sail to Sapientza island just oposite, where you can dive in the absolute clear blue colour on an enchanting beach.   Walking on the island is a must while the view from up hill is stunning!  Wild birds resident on the island or migratory birds are there to watch!

Sapientza trekking

trekking on Sapientza

ionian blue