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Welcome to the south ionian.  A place of history, natural beauty, crystal clear seas, peaceful anchorages and islands not yet discovered by the masses.   So, if you are an outdoor adventurer read on… Our outdoor activities at sea will get you thrilled.


outdoor activities

cave on Proti isle

We sail you to the uninhabited islands of south ionian sea, like Proti, Sapientza and Strofades,  where you can go trekking on unspoiled islands, dive in crystal clear waters, go fishing (cooking your catch too), and have a time to remember for years to come! 

A very interesting insight about the Strofades islands can be found at http://olivetreevalley.com/sailing-to-strophades-islands-part-1/, while a nice reading regarding the Sapientza isle can be found at http://olivetreevalley.com/the-day-of-the-he-goat-at-sapienza-island-part-1/, both by Klaudia Delmer


outdoor activities

variations of blue


  • Sail from Pylos, Marathos or Kyparissia to all corners of south Ionian and beyond and see the Ionian from a different angle.  Visit the undiscovered islands of Strofades (Arpia and Stamfani), Proti and Sapientza.    Get cruising  on a sailing yacht that will take you further away  than you think.
  • Learn to sail (or improve your skills) enjoying the beautifull coastline, islands and interesting havens of the south ionian sea.  Go to sea on a sailboat that best suits your needs:
  • Sense the adventure, pick up new skills and unforgettable experiences as you sail along… Dolphins and Carreta turtles are very common here!
  • Navigate, take the wheel, learn how to sail, dive in crystal clear waters, walk on unspoilt isles, go fishing and so much more…

You can find us on the map at: ioniansail


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“Years from now you may be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than those you did. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from safe harbor. Catch the wind in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

Mark Twain, Great American Writer