We have prepared a list of recommended routes for you to choose from. The routes are covered within one day, except the Strofades isles route, the length of which is a minimum of two days.

  1. Depart from Marathopoli fishing port around 09:00
  2. Sail to Proti isle.  
  3. Activities: Swimming/snorkeling, trekking at the top of the isle
  4. Sail to Voidokilia.  Activities: swimming, trekking to the Nestor cave and the castle ruin just above the cave
  5. Sail to Vourlia/monastery (Proti isle). Activities: Swimming/snorkelling to ship wreck
  6. Return to Marathopoli fishing port
  1. Depart from Pilos marina around 09:00
  2. Sail to Sapientza isle.  Activities: swimming . snorkeling, trekking
  3. Sail to Methoni
  4. Return to Pilos marina

The Marathopoli – Strofades isles route is a 2-day activity, with overnight sleeping on board.

  1.  Depart from Marathopoli fishing port around 09:00
  2. Sail to Strofades isles. Activities: Swimming, snorkeling, fishing, trekking on the isle
  3.  Visit the castle / monastery
  4. Sail to Arpia (smaller island).  Activities: trekking, swimming, snorkeling, fishing
  5. Return to the Marathopoli fishing port

All activities include lunches/dinners onboard, drinks/beverages finger food, etc

All routes can be adjusted to take into consideration the weather conditions or sailors preferences.