ionian sailing at its best with ioniansail: Discover the uninhabited islands of Strofades, Proti and Sapientza.   Sail from Messinian ports of Pylos Marathopoli or Kyparissia. You can go snorkeling, trekking and fishing on the nearby unspoiled isles. Discover all the scenic spots of south ionian sea with ioniansail.  With us, outdoor action at sea is for all.

Marathi bay, Finikounda
Sapientza lighthouse
racing with the dolphins
nice wind sailing
Navarino trekking
Proti isle cave
Strofades isle castle
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From here, you can take a chance for a sea adventure, have a  beautiful day and see the ionian from the inside Our team provides outdoor activities at sea to anyone who wants to go a little further than the sea side. Ionian sailing is an experience not to be missed.  So come with us, for a day to remember for years to come.